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Curtain & Carpet Cleaning

As curtains are made up of expensive dedicated fabric materials and it is essential to clean them regularly, to prevent dust from accumulating on it and trapping the dirt onto it. There are several ways of cleaning them, such as vacuuming it, washing it in the washing machine, steam cleaning it or dry cleaning. Regular curtain cleaning help to preserve the quality of the curtain, and to allow it to have a longer lifespan. We highly recommend our customers to engage our curtains cleaning service at least once every 3 months.

Netco Services provides professional carpet and curtain cleaning services at an affordable price without any hassle. Getting the job done from home, hotels and workplace was something people could only dream about a few years ago. But times have changed, and more working people want to spend less time and have the flexibility to get jobs done in an efficient way. With a click of your mouse or a tap on your phone, you can get your job done without leaving your house. Our delivery man will pick up and deliver the clean carpets to you at your convenient time.

Everyone would prefer to have a clean and comfortable environment to live and work. Where we regularly clean our house, our clothes and curtains, but how about our carpet and area rugs? Most of us have nice and expensive Persian and Oriental carpet to beautify our room. We would like our wool rugs and carpet to feel soft, warm and look stylish and elegant. However, most of us ignored the need to maintain the cleanliness of these expensive Persian and Oriental carpets. A dirty carpet will not only look bad and provide an unpleasant urine smell of tobacco, food odour , kids and cats urine smell if they pee on it. Even if you wash and clean it but without proper sanitization and keep walking over it, the germ and bacteria will spread all over your house with many contagious viruses that may lead to respiratory problems and chronic diseases such as asthma, skin eczema and allergy. For the benefits of our family members, kids and elderly at home, we should wash, clean and sanitize our carpets regularly. It is not possible to deep dry clean the carpets yourselves and totally remove the allergen and bacterial. We are specialized in carpet encapsulation cleaning and dry extraction cleaning to provide a good deep clean of your carpet.

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